Following Financial News

If you follow financial news like some follow sports, you will become quite informed about more than just money matters. Listening to sush news, reading financial sections of papers, reading financial journals or studying it through books or the internet will make you a better rounded person intellectually. Finance is related to every other subject or area. Nothing is distinctly separate from finance.

Foreign affairs are related to the fin-news. Wars cost money as does foreign aid. The war on terrorism is not just a war with weapons but a war against the funds which are financing the terrorists. There is no subject not related to financial news. When you become better informed financially you learn every subject. History is a story of nations seeking economic gain. Politics is the game of controlling the country’s finances.


When you follow news you learn math, with the accompanying graphs of stocks rising and falling and bonds rising and falling, both in price and in interest rates offered. Math is an integral part of currency trading. You must learn enough math to know how to convert one currency to the other and know which currency is the better trade if you plan on going into the foreign exchange market, or even traveling abroad. You will be informed when going to the supermarket, by knowing the brands and who makes them, whether they are American companies or foreign companies.

Some will tell you that finances are boring. But everything we do in life is related to finance. From purchasing a car to going to the movies, you must decide if the investment is worth it or will leave you short of money for the rest of the week. It is time you subscribed to a good financial magazine and from now on do not skip reading the financial sections of the papers or online. You will be a better citizen on account of these actions. If more people were following info the country would be in better shape. The citizens could not be fooled into supporting measures which are wasteful and unnecessary.